Let's Talk About Pre Shave and Post Shave Routines

How many of you wet shavers use a pre-shave product or do a special "routine" when getting ready to shave?  Most of us at least do something, like washing our face, taking a hot shower, using a pre-shave oil or lotion.  Just exactly what does a pre-shave oil do?  What does a pre-shave balm or lotion do?  The same with post shave products - what does after shave do?  What does witch hazel do and when should you use it?  What does a post-shave balm do for your skin?  How does it make a "rough" shave feel better?  

Many times we have done things, tried products for no real reason other than we have heard about someone else using it or reporting good results after using it and we buy and use products without really understanding the more technical aspects of what they are doing.  We enjoy the after effects without knowing how the good results came about.  Consequently, many times we get a good result on one shave and a not so good one the next and don't understand what changed.  Well, with a little basic knowledge you can better understand the "how" of your pre and post shave products and routines.

So I did a short video: Let's Talk About Pre Shave and Post Shave Routines.

Good Shaves, Be Happy, Be Safe

Big John

In this video I briefly discuss the age old argument of cold vs warm or hot water shaves, the different pre-shave options and post shave products available and what they do to both the skin and the whisker.

Following this pre-post shave discussion I do a short two pass shave using Saint Charles Shave Coconut Shave Soap using a Personna Med Prep blade and the Matador Toro Mastiff Solid Straight Bar Razor.