The One PASS PLUS Shaving Method

Traditional DE shaving that has become more popular in recent years primarily has used an old barber shop technique of the three pass shave, with, across and against the grain of the beard.  Some of the old barber instruction manuals outline such a technique. It's a good method but it also could expose your skin to more blade exposure than is absolutely necessary.

There are some who claim that you should only shave with the grain of the beard...well that's just silly for the vast majority of shavers.  Only a very very small percentage of people with very sensitive skin should such a radical recommendation be followed.

A happy medium to not jumping to against the grain on the first pass which could be less comfortable would be to do your first pass across the grain and then follow up with select touch ups.  Of course you must first map your beard. You use your fingers to feel how your beard grows in the various areas of your face. You must get to know how your beard grows not in general but specifically how it grows in every little twist and turn of your face.

Not only with a ONE PASS PLUS method shave some time but also will present less opportunities for irritation.

There is an accompanying video that I will add to the bottom of this blog article once it has been uploaded to YouTube.

Good Shaves, Be Happy, Be Safe

Big John